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May. 20th, 2006 @ 06:29 pm
Heather is cooking Indian in the kitchen.

Smells Good.


Jan. 28th, 2006 @ 04:47 pm
mebfeather is not happy with me at the moment. I managed to burn myself quite nicely on my back while mowing the lawn this morning (apparently that happens when you don't wear a shirt outside ;) ). It's a lovely shade of red/purple (or so i'm told). But I wore a hat, surely that must count for something ;) But the lawn does look nice though, so maybe it was all worth it.

In other news, our boss returns to work this week after having 2 weeks holidays. While it will be good to see him back, it will also be different as we (the assistant manager and myself) managed to formulate our own way of doing things while he was away - and it worked quite well.

Heather and I are off to a farewell party for a German student, who has been out in Oz for 7 months, tonight. Should be good. It will also be sad to see her go as she is leaving Australia as quite a different person in many ways. I'm sure there will be many tears shed tonight (of course none will be mine, lets be serious here).

Flying Update Jan. 25th, 2006 @ 10:42 pm
Yes, I am still alive - contrary to popular belief :) Its been busy around here for quite a while, and while I have been keeping in touch with everyone else's journals, mine has not been updated as frequently as I would have liked. Work is good, despite getting the "What are you doing working full-time in a bookshop when you have a degree behind you and you can go places?" look. As funny as it may seem I do enjoy working where I am, and the people I work with are great - its not all about the money (at least not for me - but it is nice, don't get me wrong). I am paid at the award rate, so its not what I'd call a "raking in the money" job, but I'm enjoying it.

In other news, Heather is excited as she got an iTunes card tonight and is already busy downloading a couple of songs she has always wanted, and then consequently adding them to her ever growing playlist on her iPod. While i'm also exicted as I know what she is getting me for my birthday (as I helped choose it), but she won't let me have until my birthday. That is the only downside.

It is Australia day tomorrow (26th January), and I am looking forward to being able to celebrate living in "the lucky country". This also involves a BBQ with my parents and friends in the morning, moving on to a church BBQ for lunch, and then driving down to the Gold Coast for dinner with friends who are up from Sydney. So much for a nice relaxing day. But it could be worse i suppose, as I have a mate from work who has to move house on Australia day. Not the ideal way to celebrate one would have thought, but it can't be helped.

We also got the windows tinted on our car last weekend (as it was a Christmas present that we were given), and boy does it make a difference. And in my humble opinion it also makes the car look rather sportier - if that is possible. I'm sure Heather would argue on this point though. The tinting is nice though, and will hopefully help to keep the interior of the car in good shape for an extended period of time (as well as keeping us cooler to boot!).

I think that about covers it. So i'm off to bed (what is it about being married and going to bed early? - I mean we could hardly stay awake for New Years it was that bad), and i'm going to enjoy being in a sleepful state for as long as possible.
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Current Music: Heather watching the TV in the background

Dec. 18th, 2005 @ 08:36 pm
Man I am so outta form. Picked up a cricket bat and ball today for the first time in a year for a net session (just having a bit of fun with some friends), and I was woeful. Feet stayed anchored in one position, didn't watch the ball, reminded myself how annoying (yet essential) helmets are, and was just allround tentitive. A long story short, I must practise. I now also hurt in places I haven't hurt in for a long while.

But despite all this, it was fun :D
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Life in the Fast Lane Dec. 17th, 2005 @ 09:38 am
The weekend is here. Time to slow down for a couple of days in a row...hopefully. I, personally, do not think that we were desigend to live life at such a hectic pace, but then I suppose I would feel like I'm wasting a day if I didn't do as much as I do every day of the week.

Christmas time is always busy. Duh! One of my grandmothers is up from Sydney staying with my parents. This is great. I always enjoying spending time with her and with my family. For instance, Heather and I went around to my parents last night and had take-away Indian with them and Gran. We had such a great time that it was 10pm before we knew it and had to leave. These are moments that I think I will always treasure. I've never looked at it that way before, but then I've never lived away from my family either. So its kind of a new experience for me :) Sadly my other grandmother was supposed to be coming up as well to spend Christmas, but she isn't feeling particularly good, so she is staying in Sydney for Christmas.

New computer is great, and it has come in a really funky casing too! Here is a link to a picture of the casing. Unfortunately ours doesn't come with the light display on the front because it is currently not available in Oz. But it's still cool nonetheless. All the drivers are hidden behind panels in front display that you can open and close.

This has been a rather random post, just looking back at it to this point.

Anyway, I must away as I still have things to do today. Like Christmas shopping. Whoops!

Must fly.
Current Mood: refreshedrefreshed
Other entries
» Yay!
New Computer!

Very nice :) Have finally been able to get back ont othe internet - as mebfeather has explained our old computer died (hence the new one).

Will update in more detail later. Suffice it to say it has been rather busy both at work and at home - hence the absence of late.
» (No Subject)
Work = Busy, but good.

Life = Busy, but good.

Cricket Results (Aust v. World XI) = Very Good.


New BBQ Acqquired last night = Very Nice
» Life and all things related
Its been quite a while since I properly updated my journal, so I thought I'd suprise myself and everyone who reads this by doing so.

I've recently started a full time job with Word Bookstore. They have one store in Brisbane already (at Eight Mile Plains - about a 30 - 40 minute drive accross city from our house) and are opening a new store at Alderly (2 minutes down the road from our house :) ), while keeping the other one open, which is where I will be working. I've been training down at the other store for the last two weeks, and starting on Tuesday we all head up to the new store to spend the next week and a bit taking in stock, setting up store and doing all those wonderful things. Apparently we have 15 pallets worth of stock arriving on Tuesday alone. Thats a lot of books!

And one of the exciting things to happen during the last two weeks....the computers went down at work on Monday, and we couldn't use them again until Friday. That meant we couldn't really handle any customer enquiries, order stock, put sales through on the system etc etc. Anything! So we had to do all sales manually and go through later and enter them back into the system. Thankfully all the customers who came through were really thoughtful and didn't feel like taking a swipe at us for it. And the reason that our computers crashed? The program we use is internet based and links up with head office in Melbourne. We are changing our ISP on Monday, and whether out of spite or whatever (who knows) our current ISP decided to cut our contract off a week early. This didn't just cripple us, it crippled the whole company nation wide. A rather large mistake.

But I am really enjoying the work and am looking forward to being a part of setting up the new store from scratch. There is something to be said about starting with nothing and then being able to sit back and look at what you have accomplished. I'm looking forward to it (call me stupid if you will) :)
» Birthday!
Phew. Started a new job yesterday (and its been crazy!busy seeing they have a two week sale on atm. So my head is going to explode soon) but that is still no excuse.

HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY stars_like_dust

Sounds like you had a fabulous day :)
» Weekend.
Just a small update. And i'm not going to mention much about the cricket. Its just.....yes. That bad.

Had a good weekend. Its not what you would call a busy weekend, or a weekend that is a standout from amongst the rest, but a good weekend notheless.
Had L's (our pastor) 50th birthday on Friday night. It was a suprise party for him. But instead of the usual ploy where everyone waits inside to suprise the guest of honour, we all had to wait outside. And I think it was also the coldest night we have had all winter so far to boot! But it all came off which was good. Was a very good night.

Had my family over for dinner last night, which was really nice. Haven't had them over for a meal, which both Heather and I wanted to do, so when we found out we had a free evening we jumped on the opportunity to invite them over.

Then after church this morning a group of us decided to grab a takeaway lunch and go and picnic in the park. It was beautiful weather for it to. A nice warm and sunny winters day. The kind of winter weather where you just want to curl up on the blanket and lie in the sun. Beautiful.

I have also decided that I want to get into the habit of carrying my digital camera around with me more often. Just to capture those moments that you always seem to miss when you don't have your camera with you. Like they say, a picture can tell a thousand words.
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